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Finn Skårderud adjunct professor in eating disorders

Finn Skårderud will be adjunct professor at Research Unit in Psychiatry, SDU

Finn Skårderud, (born 27. October 1956), MD, PhD is a Norwegian author, psychiatrist, psychotherapist and professor. He is adjunct professor in Eating Disorders at University of Southern Denmark, Odense and also adjunct professor at Norwegian School of Sports, Oslo. 

Finn Skårderud is an internationally acknowledged expert in eating disorders. He is a co-founder and in the leadership of the Norwegian Institute for Mentalizing. He runs a private practice, and is the leading psychiatrist for The Norwegian Olympic Committee, working with elite athletes.


In 2014 Finn Skårderud founded Institute for Eating Disorders, based in a classic Jugend-villa in Oslo, Villa SULT. This is a non-profit foundation. It strives to be an innovative centre of excellence for treatment, research, education and training. The Institute also aims to be actively involved in a creative dialogue with society at large through close involvement in the arts, film, literature, theatre and culture, as well as political debate on eating disorders and related topics. In 2018 Finn Skårderud was a co-founder of the Danish sister organisation SULT-akademiet. 

- I am really looking forward to tighten my already close relationships to my Danish colleagues – and to work together to forward the understanding of and treatments for eating disorders and related challenges, Finn Skårderud says. 

He has produced 20 books, many of them published in Denmark, more than 150 book chapters, numerous articles, essays, podcasts and has produced or contributed to many radio and television programs within the fields art, literature, film, psychiatry, psychology and culture, both fiction and non-fiction. He writes regularly for the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten and the Danish newspaper Information.

Finn Skårderud
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