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Inaugural seminar for Nasrin Asgari

”Clinical and Mechanistic Aspects of Inflammatory Diseases of the Central Nervous System"


October 9, 2020, from 14:00 hrs CEST


The Auditorium, Psykiatrihospitalet Slagelse, Fælledvej 6, 4200 Slagelse

On the occasion of Nasrin Asgari’s appointment as Clinical Professor in Neurology at the Department of Neurology, Slagelse Hospital and at the Department of Regional Health Research, University of Southern Denmark, the Faculty of Health Sciences hereby invites you to attend an inaugural seminar with the following program:

14.00-14.10: Introduction and welcome
Ole Skøtt, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southern Denmark
Niels G.R. Larsen, Hospital Director, Næstved, Slagelse and Ringsted Hospitals

14.10-14.35: “Translational multidisciplinary research in neuroinflammatory diseases of the CNS”
Nasrin Asgari, Clinical Professor, M.D., PhD, DMSc., Department of Regional Health Research and Department of Molecular Medicine, Neurobiology, University of Southern Denmark and Department of Neurology, Slagelse Hospital

14.35-15.00: “Evolution of the concept of transverse myelitis” 
Brian Weinshenker, Adjunct Professor, M.D., Department of Neurology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN, USA

15.00-15.25: “Glial interactions in neuroinflammation” 
Trevor Owens, Professor, PhD, Department of Molecular Medicine, Neurobiology, University of Southern Denmark

15.25-15.50: “The visual system in neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases” 
Paul Friedemann, Professor, M.D., PhD, NeuroCure Clinical Research Center, Charité University, Berlin, Germany

15.50-16.00: Discussion and closing of the seminar 

After the seminar, a reception will be held at Psykiatrihospitalet, Fælledvej 6, 4200 Slagelse.

The Faculty of Health Sciences would like to invite all interested persons to attend the seminar and the following reception. If you wish to participate, we kindly ask you to register here no later than September 28, 2020.

Due to current Corona restrictions only 82 seats are available in the Auditorium. Registration is required for both the seminar and the reception.

For further information or questions please contact IRS Administrative Officer Sanne Terp Nielsen at

Best regards,

Ole Skøtt 
Faculty of Health Sciences, SDU

Map of Psykiatrihospitalet

Meet the researcher

Clinical Professor Nasrin Asgari

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