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Coen Maas appointed as new adjunct professor in immunothrombosis

Professor Coen Maas has been appointed adjunct professor in immunothrombosis at the Department of Regional Health Research, University of Southern Denmark. Here his affiliation will boost research on the interplay between the blood clotting system and inflammation

Coen Maas has recently been appointed adjunct professor at the University of Southern Denmark. He is 39 years old and born in the Netherlands. He obtained his PhD degree in biomedical sciences in 2009.

His research has since then had a focused approach on immunothrombosis with emphasis on that particular part of the blood clotting system, which links blood clotting with inflammation. He is internationally recognized as a reputable researcher with-in the field. He has published more than 80 peer reviewed papers and he has been invited speaker to numerous congress meetings.

Coen Maas is presently associate professor at the Department of Clinical Chemistry and Haematology and the Department of Experimental Cardiology, University Medical Center, Utrecht.

Reinforced interplay between basic and clinical research

Coen Maas will be affiliated to Unit for Thrombosis Research, University Hospital of Southern Denmark, Esbjerg. The Unit has during recent years developed new methods for clinical use in the field of immunothrombosis.

Coen Maas is a skilled researcher within basic physiology of immunothrombosis. His position as adjunct professor provides opportunity to a reinforced interplay between basic and clinical research.

- I look forward to our future collaborative projects on investigation of immunothrombosis in clinical indications as for example preeclampsia with large societal impact. I am convinced that our work will increase the basic understanding of pathology, and offer opportunities for diagnosis and therapy, Coen Maas states.

Professorship strengthens research in disorders characterized by protein misfolding

The Unit for Thrombosis Research has initiated a research program on the possible role of immunothrombosis in disorders characterized by protein misfolding.

Coen Maas has through a number of high impact publications demonstrated basic insight into the physiology of misfolded proteins and the up-coming collaboration with Coen Maas is highly appreciated and it will significantly improve and consolidate the present research field.

Coen Maas has been appointed adjunct professor in the period from 1. June 2020 until 31. May 2025.

Meet the researcher

Adjunct professor Coen Maas


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