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Michael van Manen is the new adjunct professor at Department of Regional Health Research

Michael van Manen has been appointed as the new Adjunct Professor at the Department of Regional Health Research and the Department of Children and Adolescent at Zealand University Hospital (Roskilde), Region Zealand.

Michael Van Manen, MD, and Ph.D. in neonatology from the University of Alberta, Canada, specializes in relational ethics and health pedagogy in clinical practice, particularly in pediatrics. His international recognition as an expert in qualitative health research and extensive experience as a practicing physician at Stollery Children's Hospital will significantly enhance the research environment of the Department of Children and Adolescent, particularly in areas such as "Ethics, Existence, and Pedagogy".

The Department of Children and Adolescent at Zealand University Hospital receives a significant academic boost with the appointment of Dr. Michael Van Manen as an adjunct professor. With over 85 publications and international recognition, he brings a unique blend of ethical focus, philosophical approach, and clinical experience.

- Michael's affiliation is expected to pave the way for valuable contributions. This includes support for ethical research, guidance on phenomenological practices, co-authorship of publications, co-supervision of Ph.D. students, exchange of researchers, and teaching at Zealand University Hospital and the University of Southern Denmark, says Malene Beck, associate professor and head of research at Department of Children and Adolescent.

The projects he is involved in focus on crucial topics such as adolescents' perception of their bodies in diabetes, experiences of bereaved parents sharing their stories, and the development of child-friendly encounters at the hospital. Michael Van Manen will play a central role in shaping the future of pediatric research and caregiving at the Department of Children and Adolecent.

Michael van Manen is affiliated as an adjunct professor from January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024.

Michael van Manen
Michael Van Manen


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