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A great day for CISC

Inspiration, insight and thought-provoking discussions about the conditions of civil society were in focus when the Centre for Sports, Health and Civil Society hosted its 20th-anniversary seminar.

On September 1, 2004, the Centre for Sports, Health and Civil Society (CISC) was established as a research center under the The Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics at the University of Southern Denmark. Since then, the center has engaged in social science research across various themes, including civil society, volunteerism and health.

The center’s work is grounded in social science investigations and analyses of movements. This encompasses both physical movements related to sports, play and physical activity, as well as social movements in the form of voluntary work, associations, and civil society in a broad sense.

On February 1, CISC hosted a 20th-anniversary event at the Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics, inviting various stakeholders from the sports and association world, opinion leaders, politicians and foundations.

The event featured engaging talks and panel discussions on topics such as "Civil society's societal significance and political conditions", "Facilities and spaces for sports, movement and play" and "Social inequality in health and sports participation".

A new book aims to spark debate based on research

The panel debates were each introduced by co-authors of an anthology that compiles 20 years of research and that was published in conjunction with the anniversary. The anthology contains 17 chapters from 27 selected researchers within sports and civil society.

The purpose of the anthology is to foster increased debate grounded in critical social scientific research related to sports and civil society.

- We hope that the fact that the anthology is ‘open access’ will allow it to reach a wider audience than is often the case with scientific anthologies - and in this way, continue CISC’s tradition of engaging in an ongoing dialogue with the surroundings,” says CISC’s Center Director, Evald Iversen.

The anthology "Idrættens og civilsamfundets knaster" is available as free download on

Editing was completed: 20.02.2024