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The Department is focused on applied and strategic research.

The overall goal for the Department is to accomplish research on an international level with publications in acknowledged magazines. Research on a high international level, communication and a wide cooperation with the surrounding society is characteristic for the Department.

We are focused on strategic and applied research which is mutually supportive: The applied research is aiming to create new knowledge which can contribute to solving concrete issues. The strategic research is focused on the underlying causations and how future courses can be affected the most effectively. We emphasize on that our research is contributing with analyses within the IME-relevant research areas, and focuses on actual social problems on a short- as well as a long-term.

We contribute to knowledge-building and dissemination within the Department's four research areas: The Department is groundbreaking within several research areas that do not have similar environments in Denmark. On that ground there is mutual need for creating and communicating new knowledge for the benefit of relevant players. We deliver knowledge about rural districts, markets which have very special market conditions (sport, events, natural resources, energy) and risk perception & management.

We cooperate with researchers, private and public institutions, companies and with the wider society – internationally as well as nationally: The Department has an extensive cooperation with the surrounding society. Several research projects are externally financed and genuinely authority work. It is necessary to cooperate with companies and local authorities and at the same time be updated on what is happening internationally on the Department’s research areas, to create synergy and good solutions.


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