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Business School

Students build the Business School of the future

What does it mean to be a part of a Business School? What competences should a Business School provide and what values should it be based on? SDU Esbjerg's Business Economics programmes have become a part of a new SDU Business School and the other day students litterally had the opportunity to shape its future.

New times: Programmes based on the latest research and strong business collaboration.

These are some of the pillars in the new SDU Business School which was launched last year in September and which will form the framework for the University of Southern Denmark's Business Economics educational programmes, including the Business Economics programmes in Esbjerg.

Under the heading "Let's create the Biz Buzz" SDU Esbjerg is currently holding two weeks with Business School Days to raise awareness about the new structure among the Business Economics students. The days offer a number of activities and the other day the students got to build the local Business School of the future - in LEGO.

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Editing was completed: 30.03.2022