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SDU Esbjerg’s attendance in the project DOCKSIDE

The project DOCKSIDE stands for Doctoral program in Khmer universities strengthening the international development of environmental and maritime research.


DOCKSIDE is an EU funded (Erasmus+) project between three European universities, Cambodian Ministry of Education Youth and Sport (MoEYS) and Cambodian universities. The involved universities cooperate to improve the quality of doctoral and Master degree programs and to increase the research capacities of Khmer Higher Education Institutions (HEI).  DOCKSIDE is a three-year project that started in December 2016. Since then several workshops have taken place in Cambodia with various stakeholders. The main focus of those workshops is to collect the information how to cooperate with multiple stakeholders to enhance the higher educational and research capacities in Cambodian universities. Currently two students from University of Southern Denmark in Esbjerg are in Cambodia to conduct interns.


Recently a group of Cambodia colleges have been visiting the University of Southern Denmark Esbjerg for a five days’ program. During their visit they have had series of meetings with the MERE (The Management and Economics of Resources and Environment) research group, admin staffs along with guided field trips to Esbjerg Port and Wadden Sea.



Click here and hear the Cambodian colleagues views on the DOCKSIDE project. The contributors in the video are Dewan Ahsan, Associate Professor, SEBE, SDU, Denmark; Malyne Neang, Lecturer, RUA, Cambodia and Sovityea Thang, RULE, Cambodia

Workshop Invitation       


If the DOCKSIDE project has your interest, there are still more workshops taking place. Read more about the project here.


Editing was completed: 02.10.2017