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Gang Chen's PhD defence on 10 December 2012

Gang Chen, Department of Environmental and Business Economics, will defend his PhD thesis entitled:

’Essays on Truck Arrival Management in a Seaport’

On Monday 10 December 2012 at 11:00 in the Auditorium at the University of Southern Denmark in Esbjerg

The title of the lecture is:

’Operations Research Methods for Management of Maritime Container Terminals’

The PhD thesis will be assessed by a committee comprising the following members; Professor Niels Christian Petersen (Chair), University of Southern Denmark, Associate Professor Dr Chengbo Wang, Edge Hill University, and Professor Angappa Gunasekaran, University of Massachusetts.

Everybody is welcome to the defence and the reception afterwards, but please send an email to Ulla Oehlenschläger if you participate.

Editing was completed: 21.11.2012