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Get a behind the scenes glimpse of the Fantasyfestival with SDU Esbjerg's alumni network

Do you want a behind the scenes look of Esbjerg's very own Fantasyfestival? 14. September 2019 the alumni network of SDU Esbjerg invites you to an alumni event on how the unique festival was created and how the festival can be used for branding of Esbjerg.

Each year Esbjerg unleashes the fantasy and the unique FantasyFestival is being held. This year the alumni network of SDU invites you to an event where you can get a behind the scenes glimpse of the festival.

The event features among other things a presentation from Associate professor in Marketing, Chris Horbel from the Department of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics who will discuss how events like the FantasyFestival can be used as a part of the branding process of Esbjerg as a city. The event will futher more focus on answering following questions:

How did the FantasyFestival start and develop?

What is so special about Fantasy in terms of events?

How can events like this be used for branding of Esbjerg as a city?

Feel free to bring your family along, escape the reality and discover the festival and its magical stories on your own after the session. You can sign up and find the full program of the event down below.


10.00 Arrival and coffee
 10.30 Welcome 
Louise Liberty Dohrmann, SDU Esbjergs alumneboard
 10.35 "Events as part of a branding process"
Associate professor Chris Horbel, Department of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics, Esbjerg
 11.05 "Behind the scenes of the FantasyFestival"
Festival coordinator Jannie Tolstrup
 11.35 Networking
Feel free on your own to discover the FantasyFestival

Time and place

Saturday the 14. September 2019, 10.00-11.45
Esbjerg Byhistoriske Arkiv, Torvegade 47, 6100 Esbjerg
The Fantasyfestival is arranged by the Libraries of Esbjerg Municipality, and takes place the second weekend every year in September. This year 14. – 15. September 2019. Find more information about the FantasyFestival here.

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