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Expert jury rubber-stamped student project

Engineering students from Innovation and Business presented new business concepts to an expert jury

Being successful in the world of business is not only a matter of having good ideas and the right numbers. Ideas and numbers must also be presented with a clear purpose and in a proper way in written and spoken language. As part of the course High Tech Business Venturing this spring, experts have trained future business engineers from the study program Innovation and Business on business correspondence, the design and structuring of presentations, and the dos and don'ts of giving a talk. Supervisors Professor Alexander Brem and Associate Professor Silke Tegtmeier were joined by two experts from the Institute of Design & Communication (IDK), Professor Kerstin Fischer and Associate Professor Oliver Niebuhr, to equip the students with the right communicative tools.

Recently, the students tried out their new skills when they, together with students from the Faculty of Humanities, pitched their business plans in front of an external jury. The event was hosted by Sønderborg Iværksætter Service.

Winning project revolutionizes kitesurfing market

The winner team was KiTrack, which aims at revolutionizing the kitesurfing market. The creator of the idea is engineering student Jan-Philip Riebenstein.

-Initially, it started with discussions and squabbling among friends after our kitesurfing sessions. Everyone claimed to jump higher and came up with absurd estimations. Thus, we provide an entire product solution that measures and records several performance metrics like jump height, air time, speed etc. It is designed for kiteboarders of every skill level as well as every riding style. Our vision is to amplify the passion of kiteboarding by connecting kiteboarders to a real-world online game globally. Kiteboarders can interact, compare and compete with each other on a global platform, said Jan-Philip Riebenstein.

-Our next steps are to finish the process of prototyping to go to market as soon as possible. In terms of co-design we will collaborate with key-costumers to design the best possible product and service, said Jan-Philip Riebenstein.

The external jury consisted of Ron Bader, Sønderborg Iværksætter Service, Per Lachenmeier, Series Entrepreneur, former director of Sønderborg Erhverv and Turism (SET), Dirk Ludewig, Fachhochschule Flensburg, Peter Madsen, Syddansk Teknologisk Innovation, and Ken Holm Thomsen, IDEA Entrepreneurship Centre, SDU.

Photo: The jury consisting of Ken Holm Thomsen, Dirk Ludewig, Peter Madsen, Per Lachenmeier, and Ron Bader together with the KiTrack winning team consisting of students Krestian Muusmann, Katharina Möller, Nathalie Schümchen, and Jan-Philip Riebenstein, and supervisor Silke Tegtmeier.
Editing was completed: 02.06.2016