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Drones4Safety project at Transport Research Arena (TRA)

The Drone4Safety adds to the conversation on sustainable and accessible transportation

By Katarzyna Janus-Fiutowska, , 4/17/2024

Emad Samuel Malki Ebeid, the leader of the SDU Digital and High-Frequency Electronics, along with Anders Schack Madsen, the student assistant, had the honor of presenting the Drones4Safety project at the Transport Research Arena (TRA) conference. This highly anticipated event was made possible thanks to the gracious invitation from the European Commission.

The Transport Research Arena (TRA) is the largest transport research conference in Europe. In 2024, the TRA conference was held in Dublin, Ireland, from April 15th to April 18th. The theme of the conference was "Transport Transitions: Advancing Sustainable and Inclusive Mobility." The aim of the conference was to address the main challenges in the transport and mobility of people and goods with respect to energy, environment, safety, security, and socioeconomic issues.

The project's objective of enhancing transport safety through drone technology has garnered significant interest from policymakers. This has further fueled the project's mission to innovate in this area. Notably, substantial strides have been made in this regard, signaling promising outcomes for the future.


Editing was completed: 17.04.2024