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Associate professor at the Mads Clausen Institute received teaching award

Associate professor Jerome Jouffroy received one of the three teaching awards from the BHJ Foundation

The BHJ Foundation handed out three teaching awards of each DKK 20,000 to the University of Southern Denmark on the foundation’s anniversary held February 8, 2013 at Alsion. The motivation for giving the awards is joy in teaching and the ability to communicate a subject in a way that evokes enthusiasm in others.

One of the awards went to Associate professor Jerome Jouffroy, who teaches modern mechatronics at the Mads Clausen Institute. Jerome Jouffroy researches the subject of Cybersailing, which centers on the development of navigation systems for windpowered sailboats. In relation to this work, he and a group of students are developing an autonomous sailboat to be used for monitoring and surveillance purposes. In other words, the students work with a combination of theory and practice, which makes them committed and motivated. “Their effort contributes in making a difference in a project, which will in fact be used. This raises their enthusiasm, says Jerome Jouffroy.

The additional two teaching awards went to Søren Peter Iversen, who teaches economy, and Ella Mølgaard, who teaches German students Danish.
Editing was completed: 26.02.2013