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The BHJ Foundation once again favours the MCI

University teacher, research project and network cooperation received a total of DKK 820.000.

The anniversary of the BHJ Foundation was celebrated on Friday February 6, where the foundation handed out awards and donations for a total of DKK 910.000 for staff and projects at the University of Southern Denmark in Sønderborg. Associate Professor Søren Wind Eskildsen of the Institute for Design and Communication was bestowed with the foundation’s honorary award as “Researcher of the Year” and received DKK 50.000.

Further, awards were given to a university teacher from each SDU institute at Campus Sønderborg. From the Mads Clausen Institute, Associate Professor Benny Lassen from the institute’s research group for Applied Mathematics and Controls the teacher award of DKK 20.000.

Donations for energy project and Alsion cooperation

The foundation also chose to donate DKK 450.000 to a research project dealing with cooperation in business. The project ”Collaborative Business Models for Energy Efficient Solutions in the Region of Sønderjylland” handled by the Mads Clausen Institute in collaboration with the Institute for Border Region Studies. The project will investigate technologies and business models related to energy efficiency in the region. The purpose is to create regional growth by offering new business models based on cooperation between companies and energy efficient solutions which local companies can benefit from.

The Alsion cooperation IRCA (Innovation Research Cluster Alsion) received DKK 350.000. The IRCA project is working on establishing an interregional network for the development of energy efficient micro-components. The donation will cover expenses related to the MCI’s new state-of-the-art microscope, the ORION helium ion microscope.

Editing was completed: 09.02.2015