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Dietrich Jung

University of Southern Denmark

Dietrich Jung 
is a Professor and Head of Department at the Center for Contemporary Middle East Studies, University of Southern Denmark. He holds a MA in Political Science and Islamic Studies, as well as a PhD in Political Science from University of Hamburg, Germany and has large field experience in the Muslim world. He has published numerous scholarly articles on causes of war, peace and conflict studies, political Islam, modern Turkey and on conflicts in the Middle East.

Three relevant publications:

Politics of Modern Muslim Subjectivities: Islam, Youth and Social Activism in the Middle East, together with Marie Juul Petersen and Sara Lei Sparre, London and New York: Palgrave MacMillan (forthcoming 2014).

Orientalists, Islamists and the Global Public Sphere. A Genealogy of the Modern Essentialist Image of Islam, Sheffield: Equinox (2011).

Islamic Reform and the Global Public Sphere: Muhammad Abduh and Islamic Modernity, in: Stephan Stetter (ed.): The Middle East and Globalization. Encounters and Horizons, London and New York: Palgrave MacMillan (2012): 153-170.

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