Research Areas

SDU Health Informatics and Technology (HIT) will help meet the demand from the health and care sector for innovative technologies that address the challenges of an aging and more chronically ill population.


SDU HIT strives to develop novel and ready-to-deploy technical solutions with a high socio-economic impact to the benefit of patients (and their relatives), health professionals, and society at large.


The core research areas of SDU Health Informatics and Technology falls into the following overall categories:
  • Data-driven health technology - including big data analysis; artificial intelligence and data science; intelligent monitoring and decision support; predictive models for prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and prognosis
  • Training and rehabilitation technology - including robot-assisted training and sensor technology with biofeedback; embedded systems; human-robot interaction
  • Sensor technology – including intelligent unobtrusive sensors and monitoring; physiological signal acquisition and processing; image analysis; health state and behavior modeling
  • eHealth systems and platforms – including software systems and platforms for health and care; user involvement; patient empowerment; citizen centered (personalized) data collection, treatment plans, and eHealth interventions; technology assessment
  • Healthcare ecosystems – including multi-agent based business ecosystem modeling and simulation; public private partnership; innovation management
  • Technical audiology – including auditory processing disorder; evaluation of hearing tests; disease and treatment related hearing loss; user-operated audiometry
SDU HIT is open for collaboration within the above core areas of expertise with partners from academia as well as the public sector and private sectors.



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