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Research areas

SDU Health Informatics and Technology (SDU HIT) works on technical solutions with a high socio-economic impact in an interdisciplinary manner and strives to improve medical diagnosis and treatment beyond the state-of-the-art. This includes the design, building, implementation, realization, and testing of such technical solutions.

Our fields of expertise allow to follow a holistic approach to technology-based diagnostics, as it is possible to address the entire process chain from data acquisition, over data-based diagnosis, to the presentation of such diagnosis. A particular strength lies in the implementation of systems into the existing clinical workflow of our research partners.

SDU HIT has a large portfolio of interdisciplinary project activities involving numerous partners from healthcare, academia, industry, and network organizations. SDU HIT has strong collaborative ties internally at SDU (within health science, engineering, and humanities) and to Odense University Hospital and Svendborg Municipality.

The core research areas of SDU HIT falls into the overall categories below:

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Please contact Daniel Teichmann, Head of SDU HIT Center


SDU Health Informatics and Technology University of Southern Denmark

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Last Updated 17.05.2024