SDU Health Informatics and Technology

Core competencies

The Health Informatics and Technology Center at the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute was established with the intent to develop intelligent and high-technological solutions within healthcare technology to improve the everyday lives of the elderly and disabled. With an ageing population and a public welfare system faced with continuing cutbacks and challenges there is a constant need for new solutions, which can give these population groups the care they need and are entitled to.

The core competencies of the center are research and innovation within health informatics (including clinical decision support and patient empowerment platforms) and training technology (including robot-assistive training and sensor technology with biofeedback).

Broad national cooperation

The Health Informatics and Technology Center is the creator behind the project Patient@Home, which is a collaboration between patients, private companies and research institutions. The project's aim is to develop 40 new services and products that will relieve public healthcare spending by developing and implementing solutions that focus on outpatient treatments and hospitalization of patients in their own home thus reducing the number and duration of hospital admittance.

The center is always looking for interesting and relevant research collaborations, particularly, but not exclusively, related to clinical decision support and patient empowerment platforms.

Head of Centre

Kasper Hallenborg

Phone: +45 6550 7934
Mobile: + 45 2135 6256

About Kasper Hallenborg

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