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Late life fiction

Modern tragedies in self-help literature, blogs and online universes: Conceptions of resilience as a literary phenomenon

Christensen, L. F., Simonsen, P. & Folker, A. P.
In : Medical Humanities. 2020 Jan;011712.

"I'll sing about those who are gay, and those who are sorrowful"

The use of Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales in Narrative Medicine.
Anders Juhl Rasmussen og Anne-Marie Mai.  In: Bom AK et al. (red.): Hans Christian Andersen and Community, p. 341-358; University Press of Southern Denmark, 2019. University Press 

A crucial element in understanding aging includes analyzing its literary artistic representation. This analysis can provide knowledge about the meaning of aging and the last years of life by informing us about what it might feel like and what cultural implications it may have that we live longer and longer lives in relatively good health, but that these lives are ‘finite’.

Poetry and Age

Peter Simonsen.

In: Gu D & Dupre ME (red.): Encyclopedia of Gerontology and Population Aging; Springer, 2019.


What are the cultural consequences of living longer and longer with relatively good health - even though life is still 'finite'...?

Literature and Age

Uses of Literature

The Social Dimensions of Literature

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