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Media appearance, 2013-2018

How Long Can We Live?
Kaare Christensen: The Inqueiry; December 10, 2018.
Listen online: BBC - The Inquiry

Can we cheat ageing?
Kaare Christensen: BBC Future; December 10, 2018.
Read online: BBC Future

Lebenserwartung nach neuen Berechnungen gestiegen
Kaare Christensen: Der; June 22, 2018.
Read online: Der Nordschleswiger

Age 50, the splendid time of life
Qihua Tan & Kaare Christensen: The Life Times, Beijing, China; May 11, 2018.
Full frontpage news with interviews given after publishing the book: "Age 50, the noon of life" (in Chinese).

Ageing research and the VELUX FONDEN
Ane Hendriksen sets out the VELUX FONDEN's commitment to supporting ageing research projects that contribute to improving the quality of life for elderly people.
EU : Health Europe; March 20, 2018.
Read online: Health Europe

Women are the stronger sex! They're more likely to survive famine, disease and violence
Rune Lindahl-Jacobsen, James W Vaupel, Kaare Christensen et al.
Women live longer than men even during severe famines and epidemics; Zarulli V; PNAS 2018. Pubmed abstract
70 media appearances world wide on the publication. 
Press clippings: Danish and international media


Shot of Klotho Boosts Memory in Aging and Diseased Mice
Jonas Mengel-From: Alzforum; August 15, 2017.

More Danes than ever reaching 100th birthday
Kaare Christensen: The; June 18, 2014.

More Danes than ever reaching 100th birthday

Kaare Christensen: The; June 14, 2017. 

Profesor Christensen: Veľmi dlhý život? Pravdepodobný osud väčšiny ľudí
[Professor Christensen: A Long Life? The likely destiny of most people.]
Kaare Christensen: Žurnál Pravda, Slovenien; May 31, 2017.


Dementia incidence  for over 65s has fallen drastically in UK men
Kaare Christensen: New Scientist; April 19, 2016.

No association found between late-in-life surgery and long-term cognitive decline
Unni Dokkedal:
| United Press International (UPI); March 1, 2016. Read online...
| Headlines & Global News (HNGN). Read online...
| Neurology Advisor; March 2, 2016. Read online...
| MINNPOST; March 3, 2016. Read online...
| Medical Research; March 9, 2016. Read online...
|; Read online...


Liam Drew: Down with dementia
Kaare Christensen: Interview in the Cover Story in NewScientist; January 11, 2014.



Oldest adults show improved mental health
Kaare Christensen: Spokesman Review; July 22, 2013.

NS News columnist puts readers to the test
DARC: North Shore News (British Columbia); July 21, 2013.

Modern living makes 90-year-olds cleverer
Kaare Christensen: New Scientist; July 20, 2013.

Frequency of dementia tumbles in Europe: Denmark and Britain provide most credible evidence yet of sharp fall
Kaare Christensen: International Herald Tribune; July 17, 2013.

Dementia rate is found to drop sharply with better health and education
Kaare Christensen: The New York Times, July 17, 2013.

People in their 90s living longer with less mental decline
Kaare Christensen: Sacramento Bee; July 17, 2013.

Living longer and better? Study suggests yes
Kaare Christensen & Karen Andersen-Ranberg: CBC News (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation); July 16, 2013.

Seniors are getting smarter
Kaare Christensen: The Sunday Times (Australia); July 14, 2013.

Pakistan: Today's 90-somethings sharper than predecessors?
Kaare Christensen: Right Vision News; July 14, 2013.

People in their 90s are getting smarter
Kaare Christensen: New Scientist; July 12, 2013.

Today's 90 year olds living longer with less mental decline: Study
Kaare Christensen: Zeenews; July 12, 2013.

Brainpower in the very old may be improved
Kaare Christensen: Kypost; July 12, 2013.

Les nonagénaires de plus en plus en forme
Kaare Christensen: Le Figaro - Santé; July 11, 2013.

Brain power of people in 90s stronger
Kaare Christensen: The Herald (Glasgow); July 11, 2013.

Today's elderly are 'sharper than previous generations'
Kaare Christensen: Irish Daily Mail; July 11, 2013.

Over-90s 'defying mental decline'
Kaare Christensen: Daily The Pak Banker; July 11, 2013.

Elderly are smarter than ever, according to the thinamajig
Kaare Christensen: The Times (London),; July 11, 2013.

Health Buzz: Cognitive abilities of nonagenarians improving
Kaare Christensen:; July 11, 2013.

Over 90? That no longer means your mind will go
Kaare Christensen: USA Today; July 11, 2013.

90-Jährige in Dänemark: Uralt, aber immer fitter
Kaare Christensen: Der Spiegel; July 11, 2013. Online version...

Life begins at 90 as nonagerians show sharp brainpower
Kaare Christensen: Bloomberg; July 11, 2013.

Study: Brainpower in the very old may be improving
Kaare Christensen: Austin American Statesman, Seattle Post, The New Zealand Herald, The Daily Home etc.; July 10, 2013.

Want to live into your 90s? Your mind may have edge on people who hit age before you
Kaare Christensen: Postmedia Breaking News; July 10, 2013. Online version...

Today's 90-somethings are the sharpest there have ever been as older people's health improves dramatically
After publication in The Lancet.
Kaare Christensen: Daily Mail, MailOnline, USA Today, BBC, Time,,, Times of Pakistan, Associated Press, MDLinx,, NY Times (New Old Age); July 10, 2013.

The 100 club
Kaare Christensen: The New Zealand Herald; March 30, 2013.

Spruch des Tages
Kaare Christensen: Der Nordschleswiger; February 15, 2013.

Would you want to join the 100 club?
AGEING Advancements in medicine and knowledge mean we could all live to be a century old. But is it worth it?
Kaare Christensen: Independent Print Ltd; January 23, 2013.

Would you want to live to 100?
Remarkably, two in five girls born today will live for a century, and boys are close behind. But, asks Jeremy Laurance, is longevity all it's cracked up to be?
Kaare Christensen:; January 22, 2013.

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