Programme Management at the Faculty of Engineering

Director of Studies

The director of studies represents the faculty management and holds the overall responsibility for all study programmes at the faculty.

Head of Programme

A faculty member has been appointed by the faculty management for the position of Head of Programme. The Head of Programme refers to the director of studies and holds a special responsibility for the general development and coordination of the study programme he/she is coordinating. The programme coordinator holds the position of chairman of the education committee of the study programme and is a member of the faculty’s education forum.

See the Heads of Programme at the Faculty of Engineering.
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Education Committees

It is the responsibility of the education committees to serve as the forum for development of the individual programmes by ensuring that all relevant academic environments are involved in its work. Aside from the programme coordinator the committees consists of scientist and teachers related to the central academic fields of the programme as well as representatives of the students of the programme. The composition of the individual education committees appears below.

Education Committee for Civil Engineering
Education Committee for Engineering in Electrical Energy Technology (including Engineering in Electronics and Computer Engineering and Engineering in Power Engineering)
Education Committee for Electronics
Education Committee for Energy Technology
Education Committee for Global Management and Manufacturing
Education Committee for Physics and Technology
Education Committee for Innovation and Business
Education Committee for Integrated Design
Education Committee for Software Technology/Software Engineering
Education Committee for Chemistry/Chemical Engineering (including the Diploma programmes in Biotechnology, Process Technology and Chemistry)
Education Committee for Structural Engineering
Education Committee for Learning and Experience Technology
Education Committee for Mechanical Engineering
Education Committee for Mechatronics
Education Committee for Environmental Engineering
Education Committee for Manufacturing Engineering
Education Committee for Operations Management
Education Committee for Product Development and Innovation
Education Committee for Robot Systems Engineering
Education Committee for Welfare Technology

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Education Forum

The education forum at the Faculty of Engineering is cross-disciplinary and serves to provide a unifying forum to ensure a coordinated development of teaching and the Faculty’s study programmes. Read more about the education forum.

See also under the Academic Study Board for more information about education at the Faculty of Engineering.

The student reprensentants in the education committees are elected at the December meeting of the Academic Study Board. The election period is a calender year (1 January – 31 December). Students who wish to run as candidates, should write to by 1 December.

Should there be more candidates than there are seats for student representatives in the education committee in question, the student members of the Academic Study Board choose between the candidates.