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Professor with a focus on bone diseases and their treatment

Thomas Levin Geiser Andersen has been appointed professor of molecular bone histology and bone pathology at the Department of Clinical Pathology, Odense University Hospital (OUH), the Research Unit of Pathology at the Department of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark (SDU), and the Department of Forensic Medicine, Aarhus University (AU).

By Tomas Homburg, , 2/9/2024

In the new professorship, Thomas Levin Geiser Andersen will continue his nationally and internationally anchored and recognised bone research, developed over many years. The goal of his research team is to map the cellular processes involved in our physiological bone remodelling through life and how this process is altered by ageing, osteoporosis, bone marrow cancer, bone metastases and other rarer bone diseases. Special emphasis is placed on optimising the individual treatment of these diseases and developing new approaches to diagnose and monitor patients through national and international projects.

Thomas Levin Geiser Andersen graduated as a biochemist and molecular biologist from the University of Copenhagen in 2001. He was then employed as head of the histological laboratory at Nordic Bioscience in Herlev, where he worked on the development of new drugs for bone diseases and a number of other diseases. In 2003, he decided to switch to academic research and was employed as a senior researcher in the Department of Clinical Cell Biology at Vejle Hospital, led by Professor Jean-Marie Delaissé. Because of that, Thomas moved to Jelling with his family. From 2003 through 2018, his research also centred on how our bones are constantly renewed through life and how changes in this process lead to bone loss with ageing, osteoporosis and bone marrow cancer. In 2008, he became an assistant professor and in 2014, he became an associate professor at the Department of Regional Health Research, SDU, while defending his PhD thesis in 2013 at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Aarhus University. In 2018, he established the annual Danish Bone Research Workshop, which to this day remains an annual interdisciplinary forum for all Danish bone researchers.

In 2019, he was appointed associate professor in a joint appointment with the Department of Clinical Pathology, OUH, the Research Unit of Pathology at the Department of Clinical Research, SDU, and the Department of Forensic Medicine, AU, where he leads the Molecular Bone Histology Research lab (MBH lab). At the MBH lab, he is responsible for a European based national bone diagnostic task in addition to his bone research. In 2023, he established the Danish Spatial Imaging Consortium (DanSIC), a national research infrastructure with the latest molecular histological methods.

Internationally, Thomas Levin Geiser Andersen has played a leading role in the International Society of Bone Morphometry (ISBM), where he was president from 2020 to 2022, as well as in the education of the next generation of bone researchers within the European Calcified Tissue Society (ECTS).

Thomas Levin Geiser Andersen will hold a 70% university position as professor at SDU, a 20% university position as professor at AU and a 10% clinical position with diagnostic tasks at OUH. In the professorship, he will continue his daily management of the MBH lab and the DanSIC infrastructure as well as his role within national and international bone research.

Meet the researcher

Thomas Levin Geiser Andersen is 48 years old. He grew up in Køge, and he still lives in Jelling with his wife Yvonne and the remaining children still live at home.


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