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Meet Jøren Ullits

In his research, Jøren Ullits is driven by questions concerning the intersection between technology and law, and he focuses on how Automated Administrative Decision-Making systems comply with the rule of law. Learn more about Jøren’s research and visions in this interview.

What are your research interests?

My research focuses on Automated Administrative Decision-Making (AADM) systems. A central aspect of my study underscores the importance of embedding the rule of law and vital procedural safeguards within AADM systems.

How did you become interested in your field of research?

I have always been fascinated by emerging technologies and I am profoundly curious regarding the mechanisms behind novel products and technologies. As a lawyer - I am also aware of the many risks that technological administrative solutions may result in, if they are not carefully strategized. My ambition is to solve them.

What research question would you above all like to find the answer to? And why is that?

How can we safeguard due process, adhere to the rule of law, and uphold exemplary administrative practices in an era dominated by AADM?

This question is central to trust-based Western democracies. In fact, the shift towards digitalization and automation may stem from a mistaken belief that it makes things simpler. In contrast, there is a growing need for AI impact analyses, cybersecurity reviews, data protection appraisals, and comprehensive administrative assessments.

What impact do you expect the Talent Track will have on your career and your research field?

The Talent Track fellowship has a profound impact on my research. In the immediate future, it allows me to collaborate with leading scholars in my field, publish open-access research in top-tier journals, and organize a conference with key stakeholders here at SDU.

Looking ahead, this time will strategically place me in a favorable position to attract external fundings, enhancing the depth and reach of my research.

Which impact do you expect your research to have on the surrounding society?

The advent of automated administration is societally transformative. The study of evolving legal landscapes, organizational shifts, and their infrastructure is thus paramount. This will mitigate potential trust issues between citizens and technology.

Jøren Ullits

Jøren Ullits is an Associate Professor at the Department of Law at SDU.


Talent Track

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Editing was completed: 10.10.2023