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Application Process

How to apply

The application process can start and finish in many ways, however, you should be aware of the formal rules and requirements.

A typical application process may look like this:

1. It starts with an idea

 Your project may start with an idea, or perhaps you already know whqat specific fund you would like to apply for. In either case, you need to  make a preliminary description of your project. Use the template to structure your draft.

Send the description to your contact at Research Support and set up a meeting to determine what he/she will help you with and decide on a deadline.  

2. Agreement with the Head of Department

If required, you must obtain your Head of Department’s approval to move forward with your application.

3. Strategy

Determine which fund you would like to apply for, and with the help of Research Support, develop an application strategy.

4. Research, research, research

Take the time to thoroughly acquaint yourself with the purpose and guidelines of the fund you are applying for. Research Support has a lot of experience with this type of task and will be a competent resource to you during this stage. Research Support will help you develop a timetable to prepare the application.

5. Partnership

 Identify your project partners and contact them. Together with your partners, discuss their roles and outline the tasks they will be responsible for in the project. Be sure to obtain confirmation that they want to participate in the project. If your project includes a stay at another research institution or company, be sure to obtain a written invitation and confirmation, preferably in an official and signed document.

6. Writing process and budget

Consult with Research Support during the application writing process. We will review/comment on the application, as well as, offer quality control in relation to the assessment criteria of the fund. At this time, a budget should be set up. As a general rule, you must arrange a meeting with Research Support to discuss the budget. This is a very detailed process as there are many rules and guidelines to follow. Research Support can assist in this process, you can request the budget template from your contact person in the research support office. The budget must be completed under the guidance of Research Support, at the latest 14 days, prior to the submission date. If co-financing is involved, your Head of Department must give their approval. He/she must also approve sending the application.

7. The final review

 If you wish, Research Support will provide a final review of your application including appendices. We will then send you our comments.

8. The Budget

 The budget must be signed by Research Support Finance. Your local Research Support contact will arrange this. Research Support Finance must receive the budget 4 working days prior to the application deadline. After Research Support Finance has approved the budget, no further adjustments can be made.

9. Sending your application

Research Support is available, by appointment, to prepare documents, complete any application forms, and upload the application.