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Villum - Young Investigator

Deadline - 6th of June, 2024
Amount - 7 or 9 mio DKK for 5 years

Phone: + 45 2941 7889
Webpage: Villum Young Investigator

We aim to support early career researchers with ambitions of creating their own, independent research identity, and with the potential to significantly contribute to research in technical and natural sciences at a Danish research institution.

VILLUM FONDEN supports internationalization, and with the Villum Young Investigator Program we encourage Danish universities to support and recruit Danish as well as international researcher talents.

 A total of DKK 150 million is expected to be allocated to this call in 2024.

Who can apply?
The ideal applicant is an exceptionally talented young researcher within technical and natural sciences. Applicants must have between two and eight years of research experience after completion of their PhD.
You may apply a total of two times for a Villum Young Investigator grant.

The program is announced once a year in open competition, with an application deadline in June, and a final decision in December.

Grant amount
Researchers currently employed by a Danish university can apply for a maximum of DKK 7 million, including 15% for indirect costs.
Researchers currently employed by a university outside Denmark - and have been so for at least two of the past three years at the time of application - can apply for a maximum of DKK 9 million, including 15% for indirect costs.

Time frame
The duration of the grant is five years. 

Process and important dates in 2021
- 21 March: Announcement of the call 
- 6 June, 12:00 noon: Application deadline 
- July – September: Applications are reviewed by the scientific committee 
- Primo November: Selected applicants are invited for interviews/unsuccessful applicants notified 
- 6-8 November: Interviews conducted by the scientific committee 
- Ultimo December: Final grant approval/rejection notifications issued 

Unsuccessful applicants will have the opportunity to e-mail Head of Program, Michel M.H. Kristensen, after 1 December to discuss their applications and hear the rationale for not being invited for an interview.

Join a community 

As a Villum Young Investigator, you will join a community of like-minded researchers and attend one or two seminars each year on relevant topics, such as recruitment or research management.


The Villum Foundation wants their starting grant to be your first and defining huge grant. If you therefore already hold a starting grant from for example ERC, Novo, or Lundbeck, you cannot apply for the Villum Young Investigator grant. On the other hand, if you have a starting grant from Villum already, you are more than welcome to apply for other starting grants.