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Biosafety level 2 laboratory

If you wish to know more about the facilities in the Biosafety level 2 laboratory, please contact

Eva Lillebæk
Tina Kronborg

The research unit for Molecular Microbiology is equipped with a Biosafety Level 2 laboratory, which boasts a range of state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to the monitoring and analysis of pathogenic microorganisms.

An Olympus IX83 inverted fluorescence microscope allow us to perform e.g., time-lapse experiments of bacteria with CO2 and/or heat incubation, visualization of infected host cells or simple fluorescence microscopy.

Picture of Olympus IX83 fluorescence microscope

In our lab it is possible to obtain single cell analysis using our FACS Aria II on both prokaryotic and mammalian cells.

We grow mammalian cell lines in connection to our Biosafety level 2 laboratory, which makes it easy to perform infection assays.

A Hybrid Multi-Mode Microplate Reader is also available for analyses of pathogenic micro organisms.

Last Updated 10.10.2023