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Other funds and programmes

SDU funding Apps 

SDU’s own Funding Apps focus on EU-funding but have recently been expanded to also cover funding sources outside EU. The Apps now couple to Research Professional data thus allowing searching and/or automatic matching of SDU researchers to both Danish and international funds. Due to the data quality provided by Research Professional, the matching is not yet as exact as for the EU-funds.

See more under ‘Funding Opportunities Announcements (FOAs) by logging in (top right corner) of this page:

SDU RIO is continuously developing a concept for SDU's approach to interacting with the large danish funds. The concept must complement the existing interactions, and thereby eventually increase the SDU's involvement in the financing of large projects.

If you have questions about this initiative, you are very welcome to contact Steen Ulrich at


Research Professional

Research Professional is an external fund database with extensive coverage of European and other foreign grants in all disciplines. The database provides you with easy access to information about national and international notifications of research funds.

All employees at SDU have access to the database and you can save, download or share your results. If you create a profile, you can regularly receive reminders about funds that are relevant to you or your research group.

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Do you have questions about the database or a specific fund, please contact your faculty's research support unit.

Last Updated 02.02.2023