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Research Areas

High efficiency compact converters and magnetics

Improving the efficiency of power electronic converters and eclectic drives by utilizing new wide band-gap (WBG) semiconductor devices, packaging, and intelligent control. Reducing the size, weight, and cost of magnetic power components and optimizing their design

Control and protection in smart grids (CAP-SG)

Development and implementation of advanced control and protection approaches for the grid-integration of RES and ESS in the context of smart grids and microgrids

Advanced digital control of power converters and motor drives

Improve robustness, size and speed of power converters and drives by introducing advanced digital control

New converter topologies, EMI and WBG devices

Investigate new converter topologies and improved noise attenuation methods to optimally utilize new WBG devices

Failure analysis of power electronics

Reliability analysis of new WBG power semiconductor devices, characterization of failure root-causes

Social Signals

Voiced-based estimations of a patient's pain level, the encoding of sarcasm, sympathy and attractiveness,  acoustic charisma profiling and training and the acoustic stimulation of creativity for innovation and entrepreneurship

Wanted and Unwanted  Sounds

Improving and evaluating of  In-Car-Communication (ICC) systems, the sounds of machines in terms of both noise reduction and sound design, and the enhancement of speech signals transmitted through digital communication devices


Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering University of Southern Denmark

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