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CIE building

The latest news from the CIE building construction


3. October 2019

The dedication of the CIE building.


23. November 2018

The Topping-out ceremony.

16. November 2018


2. October 2018


27. September 2018


18. September 2018


12. September

Overall Timelap 

4. September 2018


28. August 2018

Timelaps from the period 23.05.18 - 01.07.18

8. August 2018


10. July 2018


9. July 2018


2. July 2018

21. June 2018


7. June 2018

Then the great Junttan, who stood to knock the poles in to the ground, has been driven away.


1. June 2018


25. May 2018

Timelaps over the first time of the construction.

18. May 2018


9. May 2018

The first poles are driven into the ground today from 8.00 until 18.00.There will be some noise and dust in relation to this.


01. May 2018

Today they have started the construction of the new CIE building.


24. april 2018

Tyske Dr. Thomas Ebel skal stå i spidsen for Center for Industriel Electronic (Danish) - Sønderborg NYT 


6 April 2018

News from the first sod ceremony of the CIE building

SDU udvider i Sønderborg (Danish) - SDU
Mangel på ingeniører: Nu uddanner Sønderborg dem selv (Danish) - Ingeniøren
Syddansk kvintet stikker spaden i til banebrydende universitetscenter (Danish) - Region Syddanmark
Spatenstich für 176 Millionen (German) - Der Nordschleswiger 
Ny uddannelse på Syddansk Universitet (Danish)- Bitten & Mads Clausens Fond  
Et spadestik tættere på teknologien(Danish)- Sønderborg Lokal TV

See some of the highlights from the 1. sod:


During the construction of the CIE building there will be a webcam following the process.

Here is a small example from the first sod, and a few cuts from the following days.

Image Gallery

See photos from the first sod ceremony of the CIE building