GALAXY - a H2020 project

GALAXY develops integrated systems modelling of multi-omics data together with clinical data to improve the understanding of alcoholic liver fibrosis, and to develop diagnostic, prevention and treatment programs.

The hypothesis of GALAXY is that specific gut microbiome characteristics and associated host gene expression and metabolic changes in alcohol overusing individuals are key determinants for the development and progression of alcoholic liver fibrosis. These key determinants can be used to develop novel biomarkers to detect alcoholic liver fibrosis before advancing into cirrhosis and stratify patients for risk of disease progression. Understanding disease complexity will, in addition to early detection, also be used to develop new treatments to halt liver fibrosis by altering the microbiome.

GALAXY uses a systems medicine approach of well-phenotyped cohorts to reach the overarching aim which is to reach a better understanding of the disease and thereby being able to stop disease progression. 

FLASH is coordinator of  GALAXY.


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