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New FLASH publication in Liver International


Liver stiffness measured with 2‐dimensional shear wave elastography by Supersonic Imagine (2D-SWE) is well‐established for fibrosis diagnostics, but non‐conclusive for portal hypertension. We therefore performed an individual patient data meta‐analysis of 2D-SWE to identify clinically significant portal hypertension, severe portal hypertension and esophageal varices.

The results of the multinational collaboration is now published in Liver International. Seven countries contributed data from 519 patients. After exclusions, we analysed 328 patients with liver cirrhosis and concomittant 2D-SWE and liver vein catherization. 

We found that liver stiffness using 2‐dimensional shear wave elastography below 14 kPa may be used to rule out clinically significant portal hypertension in cirrhosis patients, but this would need validation in populations of compensated liver disease. 

ROC Curve

Publication in Liver International