Nordic museum histories

Hvornår: 31. januar 2018 kl. 09:00 - 16:30

The conference has a dual aim. We wish to explore how shifting societal, scientific and cultural ramifications have played into the formation of museums and have impacted changing public understandings of their missions and roles. We also wish to understand how a historical perspective on museums can inform current and future museum practices.

Key researchers of museum history will showcase three themes that characterise museum development since the 1600s: 1) museum communication, 2) practices of collection, and 3) museums and society. These thematical lenses facilitate an exploration of tacit as well as explicit understandings of the relations between history, society and the public, relations that still underpin museum practices today.

You will meet invited speakers from Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden, and discussants from the research and development programme Our Museum will add extra empirical richness to the themes under discussion.

The conference language is English.
Please see the full conference programme here and abstracts here.

An international PhD course on Nordic museum histories is hosted by Our Museum 30 January 2018.


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