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Keynote speaker Dr.  Tony Bates:
Teaching for a Digital Age: Why Blended Learning is so Important

The key challenge for university instructors is how best to prepare our students for a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. This entails a shift of focus from content mastery to high level skills development. What teaching methods will facilitate such a shift? What role should technology play in making such a shift? Why is blended learning so important for this shift? This presentation will use actual cases and best pedagogical principles to suggest how this can be done.






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Master Class v/ Dr. Tony Bates



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Key note speaker  Dr. Tony Bates : 
Managing institutional change: moving an institution towards new models of learning

All higher education institutions face the challenge of change, especially in teaching methods, where faculty have a great deal of autonomy. This presentation will explore some of the successful practices that have been used to support faculty and instructors in a shift to new ways of teaching.The challenges that still remain to be overcome will also be discussed. This will be a relatively short presentation with opportunities for questions and discussion.



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Sally Kift, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), James Cook University, Australia

Sidst opdateret: 09.11.2017