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Reconsidering Figures of Merit for the Performance and Stability of Perovskite Photovoltaics
M. V. Khenkin, K. M. Anoop, I. Visoly-Fisher, Y. Galagan, F. Di Giacomo, B. R. Patil, G. Sherafatipour, V. Turkovic, H.-G. Rubahn, M. Madsen, T. Merckx, G. Uytterhoeven, J. P. A. Bastos, T. Aernouts, F. Brunetti, M. Lira-Cantu, and Eugene A. Katz   
Energy & Environmental Science, (2018)

Cu(II) and Zn(II) based Phthalocyanine as Hole selective layers for Perovskite Solar Cells
L. Calio, J. Follana-Berná, S. Kazim, M. Madsen, H.-G. Rubahn, Á. Sastre-Santos, and S. Ahmad
Sustainable Energy Fuels, 1 (2017) 2071

Self-excitation of Rydberg atoms at a metal surface
V. G. Bordo
Physical Review A

ITO with embedded silver grids as transparent conductive electrodes for large area organic solar cells
B. R. Patil, M. Mirsafaei, P. P. Cielecki, A. L. F. Cauduro, J. Fiutowski, H.-G. Rubahn, and M. Madsen
Nanotechnology, 28 (2017) 405303


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