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New network at robot fair: Strong focus on robot-human interaction

SDU Robotics to lead a network to focus on the growing field of interaction between robots and humans and have researchers and industry working closer together. Network will be launched at robotic fair R-22 in Odense.

Q&A med Oskar Palinko, lektor, SDU Robotics.

What is DAHRIN? 
DAHRIN stands for the Danish Human-Robot Interaction Network. It is a new initiative started at SDU Robotics to connect human-robot interaction (HRI) researchers and robotics industry professionals, which will hopefully lead to products with even better human interaction capabilities. The network was started at SDU Odense by myself and two colleagues working closely with SDU Sønderborg and Aalborg University.

What is the goal of this newly formed network?
The goal of the network is to create events throughout 2022, where people curious about HRI can mingle and exchange ideas. Maybe some robotics industry professionals want to improve their robots' interaction capabilities, but they are not sure what are the possibilities, whom to contact and where to start. We, as HRI researchers, hope we can help in this matter. We can also say that networking and matchmaking are our main goals.

Have you already worked with companies?
As we just started a brand new network in 2022, we don't have any collaboration yet with companies which started as a result of DAHRIN. Previously we worked together with MIR on various mobile platform topics as well as with Abena A/S to produce some interesting robotic hand sanitizer prototypes ( and now we are putting wheels under them (

How can HRI help us in our everyday lives?
HRI is all about making robot more useful, more seamless, less obtrusive, etc. For example robots could detect people and move out of their ways when they are in a hurry. They could nudge people to take preventative health measures, e.g. sanitize their hands, but in a non-intrusive way. They can also signal their intention effectively using light, sound and movement or even ask for help from passers-by when they are stuck!

Dahrin is also part of R22 – how can attendees experience and hear more of Dahrin at the robotfair in Odense?
We will give a short introduction to the DAHRIN network on Wednesday, March 23rd from 13:45 to 14:05 in Hall A, Stage 1. We will have an hour-long event on Thursday, March 24th starting at 13:30 also in Hall A, Stage 1. Here a number of HRI researchers will present their case of how they see their research being applicable in the industry. At the end we will have a roundtable discussion about HRI where we will also hear directly form robotics engineers and other professionals. We will also have a presence at the SDU booth throughout R'22 to showcase some of our robots (RIMEPHAS and HanDiRob).

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