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People News from the Faculty of Science, week 39

Fundings, awards, Ph.D. defenses, etc.

Anne Loft, postdoc, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, has received DKK 3,934,740 from Novo Nordisk Foundation for the project Uncovering the epigenetic basis of hyperglycemia-induced hepatic dysfunction in diabetic late complications, to be carried out at the Helmholz Zentrum München. 

 Nicholai Daugaard, PhD student, Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy, won the poster prize at SMARTER 5 in Bayreuth, Germany, for his poster Study of layered double hydroxides intercalated with para-aminosalicylate.

Daniel Normen Düring, Department of Biology, has defended his PhD thesis with the lecture Neuromechanics of Sound Production in Songbirds.

Lara Delgado García, Department of Biology, has defended her PhD thesis with the lecture Acoustic Development and Behaviour in Odontocete Calves.

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