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People News from the Faculty, week 10

PhDs, fundings, etc.

Kirstin Anderson Hansen, Department of Biology, has defended her PhD thesis with the lecture In-Air and Underwater Hearing in the Great Cormorant.

Ole N. Jensen, professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, has received  DKK 400,000 from the Novo Nordisk Foundation for the project Danish Infrastructure for Storing and Updating Actionable Biomarkers in Human Disease in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen.

Emil Sjulstok, PhD student, MSc, Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy, has received an EliteForsk travel scholarship for the project Aktiveringsmekanisme af cryptochrome proteiner.

 Mogens Flindt, Erik Kristensen, Troels Lange, Nele Wendländer & Kadri Kuusemäe have received DKK 7 million from the Ministory of Environment and Food for the project Large scale sand capping - a new marine measure - supporting a positive environmental development in estuaries.