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People News From The Faculty Week 5

PhD's, awards, fundings, etc.

Owen Jones, Associate Professor and Johan Dahlgreen, Associate Professor, Department of Biology, have received DKK 2,000,000 from SDUs Lighthouse Project on drones and the SDU drone center Unmanned Aerial Systems and Department of Biology for the project Efficient survey and response to invasive species using drones.

Bo Thamdrup, Professor, Department of Biology, has received the 2017 European Association of Geochemistry Science Innovation Award.

Nicole Posth, postdoc, Department of Biology, has received 9,7 million DKK from the Villum Foundation Young Investigator Programme for the project Cycling in the Plastisphere: the biogeochemical fate of marine (micro)plastics.

Christian Wiwie, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, has defended his PhD thesis Lifestyle Specificity of Genetic Variations in Actinobacteria.