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Yvonne Benschop

Professor of Organizational Behavior
Radboud University, the Netherlands

Yvonne Benschop is Professor of Organizational Behavior at Institute for Management Research at Radboud University, the Netherlands. She is Head of the Department of Business Administration and director of the interdisciplinary research group Gender and Power in Politics and Management. She is affiliated with the Center for Gender in Organizations at Simmons School of Management in Boston, USA. She has received multiple grants from FP7, ESF-EQUAL, NWO-STW, MSC ETN, several Ministries in the Netherlands and Flanders, and private organizations for her work the responsibility of organizations for gender equality, diversity and inclusion. She studies informal organization processes that produce organizational inequalities and interventions to change these processes and inequalities. She currently works on a research project on the influence of postfeminism in organizational change, and on a project on intersectional equality. She was Co-Editor in Chief of Organization between 2015- 2020 and Associate Editor of Gender, Work and Organization between 2005-2020, and sits on the editorial boards of a number of scientific journals. Publications in English include articles in Journal of Management Studies, Organization Studies, Human RelationsSex Roles, Organization and Gender, Work and Organization