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AI-based forecasting framework for sector coupling between electricity grids and district heating

Project description

The increasing electrification and a finite electricity capacity during certain periods of the day requires better coordination between the energy demand and supply, such as be able to shave peak periods and move them to low consumption periods. That multi-energy systems forecasting becomes more crucial to enable the coordination. However, the current forecasting algorithms do not efficiently support this.

This project aims to develop an advanced IA based forecasting to assist the industry and district heating companies in utilizing sector coupling with the electricity grid more easily. By using accurate forecasting techniques based on artificial intelligence methodologies, future peak load periods can be identified and electricity consumption for heating can be shaved more efficiently and easily.

Project summary

Project period 1 May 2022 - 31 May 2023
Total budget DKK 1.28 million
Funding agency The European Regional Development Fund
Organization managing the project SDU CEI
SDU project manager Zheng Grace Ma
Additional partners Center Danmark

Sidst opdateret: 06.01.2023