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A Living Lab for Energy Efficient Public Buildings based on ICT Solutions

Project description

The project goal is to establish a living lab for improving the energy efficiency of public buildings based on ICT solutions that account for the behaviour of occupants.

Buildings account for a high energy consumption. As buildings are responsible for around 40 % of the energy consumption in Denmark it is important to improve the energy efficiency of buildings to minimize the total energy consumption.

Occupant behavior is an important parameter. Changes in occupant behaviour can affect a building’s energy efficiency with more than 30 %. Therefore occupant behaviour is an important parameter to consider.

Building OU44 as Living Lab. The project will create a living lab in a newly build 8000 m2 office and teaching building at the University of Southern Denmark. The building will be under normal use by its occupants, however additional infrastructure will make it possible to run experiments with intelligent control and diagnostic based on monitoring of occupant behaviour.

New solutions to improve energy efficiency. The creation of the lab will help foster new solutions to improve energy efficiency and education of students within software-based control of buildings. In collaboration with the Municipality of Odense we will disseminate information about the new solutions and results to increase the energy efficiency of their public buildings.

Project summary

Project period  2015 to 2016 
 Total budget 241.500 DKK 
 Funding agency EnergiFyn A/S - Udviklingsfond 
 Organization managing the project SDU Center for Energy Informatics 
 SDU project manager Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard 
 Additional partners Odense Municipality 

Sidst opdateret: 06.01.2023