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Nuværende ph.d.-projekter:

Magdalena Olga Dubik
Vejleder: Jesper Bonnet Møller
Intestinal epithelial cells orchestrate immunity through recognition of commensal fungi and protozoa

Rasmus Møller Duus
Vejleder: Jesper Møller Duus
Invasive Aspergillus infection in children undergoing chemotherapy and the role of fibrinogen C domain-containing protein 1 (FIBCD1)

Mie Kiilerick Jakobsen
Vejleder: Morten Gjerstorff
Epigenetic priming of tumors for cellular immunotherapy: A novel approach for treating metastatic breast cancer

Simone Johansen
Vejleder: Morten Gjerstorff
Targeting the tumor immune microenvironment to prevent the development of immune checkpoint blockade resistance

Sofie Emilie Skallerup Larsen
Vejleder: Jesper Bonnet Møller
FIBCD1 mediated signal tranduction pathways regulates gut inflammation

Pernille Gejl Pedersen
Vejleder:  Morten Gjerstorff
The role of competing antiviral pathways in the tumor response to DNA methyltransferase inhibitors

Stephanie Pham
Vejleder: Yaseelan Palarasah
The role of kallistatin and the contact activation system in abdominal aortic aneurysms

Vahid Khaze Shahgoli
Vejleder: Jesper Bonnet Møller
The roles of FIBCD1 in colorectal cancer

Maria Kløjgaard Skytthe
Vejleder: Søren Moestrup
Analysis of the cellular effects of targeting dexamethasone to CD163-positive macrophages in murine in vivo models

Mai-Britt Holden Thomsen
Vejleder: Søren K. Moestrup
Drug-targeting of the endocytic reeptor megalin in melanoma

Seyda Ünsal
Vejleder: Grith Lykke Sørensen 
Test of therapeutic potential of anti-MFAP4 in reduction of vascular and inflammatory complications in diabetic kidney disease and renal fibrosis



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Sidst opdateret: 05.09.2023