Open Data Framework


Certain societal challenges require the integration of different data sources and their links to computational services. And it is actually not always easy to gain access to usable data.

The aim of the project

This project will develop a framework for open data, which is a technology used for the sharing, integration and manipulation of open data.

The framework addresses key technical challenges that currently prevent the use of open data in multiple contexts.

The project will build skills at SDU for the development of courses on data and on how open data can be made public and administered — both technically and legislatively.

The results of this project will pave the way for cooperation at regional, European and global levels.  

The project outcome

Development of a framework for open data


Work package leader: Fabrizio Montesi, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Partners

Dalia A. Conde, Assistant Professor, Max-Planck Odense Center, Department of Biology
Peter Starup, Assistant Professor, Department of Law

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