Recruit and retain an engineering workforce

Is your business is located in Southern Jutland and does it need engineers?

We can help you recruit and retain local engineering students. 

If you'd like to attract tomorrow's engineers, there are good opportunities for recruiting them while they're pursuing studies. 

Unique offers for your business

You can meet engineering students at SDU Sønderborg's VIP Matchmaking event.

You'll design a brief presentation on your business for the day's event. Afterwards, you have the opportunity to speak face-to-face with individual students. The event takes place in the autumn and we encourage you to post an internship announcement.

In the Spring, you have the option of allowing a student to spend a day visiting your business for Job Shadowing. This provides you with a unique opportunity to present your business to an engineering student. 

Hire a student

Hiring a student can be a good way to expand your workforce.

We'll help you put the finishing touches on your job announcement and follow up on your collaboration with the student.

It's also possible to come in contact with international students. At SDU, we run the programme Career in Denmark, which prepares international students for work in a Danish company.

Retain engineers in Sønderborg

In cooperation with the Syddansk Vækstforum (Southern Denmark Growth Forum), The Region of Southern Denmark (Regions Syddanmark) and the Sønderborg Vækstråd [Sønderborg Growth Council], SDU aims to: 

  • Create a strong, unique bond between the local business community and engineering students.
  • Strengthen the engineering programme at SDU Sønderborg.
  • Allow local business to attract more engineers from SDU. 

Contact us

Are you interested in learning more about VIP Matchmaking, Job Shadowing or our other offers? 

Contact SDU RIO at or call +45 6550 2022.

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