Partner network

Light scattering of Ag nanoparticles in solutions in different sizes.

SDU Imaging
a cross-faculty initiative at the University of Southern Denmark with the goal to stimulate and expose imaging activities and techniques available at SDU.

Danish Molecular Biomedical Imaging Center (DaMBIC)

- a center at the University of Southern Denmark that focusses on live cell imaging, diffusion in skin tissue, transport measurements in cells and membranes, cancer diagnostics, super-resolution imaging of tight junction proteins, multi-photon imaging of resistance arteries, membrane imaging, food analysis, calcium ions and pH measurements in tissue and cells.

Medizinisches Laserzentrum Lübeck GmbH (MLL)

- focusses at optical coherence tomography (OCT) including multi-MHz-OCT, full-field-OCT, holoscopy, endoscopic OCT, functional OCT for applications within ophthalmology, cardiology, oncology and pulmonology.