Industry collaboration

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The Mads Clausen Institute bridges excellent research and the needs of industry in Denmark and worldwide. Our mission is to advance knowledge in our global partner networks, make latest technologies accessible and apply them to the challenges of technology-driven companies.

We collaborate with companies within a variety of topics, including electronics, mechanics, mechatronics, nanotechnology, photonics and innovation.

These pages will give you an overview of how to collaborate with students and researchers:

Collaboration with students

Engage with engineering students by contributing with real-life challenges from industry. Collaborate within semester projects, final theses and internships, or offer guest lectures, site visits and student jobs.

First job-guarantee scheme

Be part of the First job guarantee scheme. This unique initiative of local companies attracts young talents from all over the world to our engineering study programmes. The scheme fosters close collaboration of students with the regional industrial environment.

Research collaboration

Collaborate with our researchers on developing new technologies and prototypes leading to new insights and innovation. The collaboration often can be supported by public funding schemes.


Benefit from the broad expertise of our researchers within technology consulting, measurements, analysis and testing. We offer various services to companies on commercial terms.

Technology areas and labs

Get an overview of our research and technology expertise and state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment at our facilities.

Event calendar

Take the opportunity to meet our students and researchers personally and find matching competencies. Find relevant events by using the filter industry.

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