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Research strategy for OUH and the Department of Clinical Research

1 Research for and with patients and relatives

Our ambition is to actively involve patients and relatives in all parts of the research process.

2 Evidence-based medicine

Our ambition is to be among the best in the world to generate, incorporate, and implement evidence-based medicine in research, education, and treatment.

3 Excellent research collaboration

Our ambition is to collaborate across disciplines, universities, faculties at SDU, hospitals, sectors, regions, and national borders to carry out excellent research that can contribute to coordinated care of the highest quality.

4 Strong research culture

Our ambition is to create a framework that further professionalizes and supports our research and enhances the way in which we make our results visible.

5 Attractive career paths

Our ambition is to be an attractive workplace with visible and flexible career paths for all researchers.

Research strategy

Learn more about the research strategy and the five action areas on the OUH website (in Danish)

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Last Updated 29.11.2022