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Increasing interest in studying a Master's degree at SDU Esbjerg

SDU Esbjerg has experienced an increasing interest in their master's programs. The number of candidates for the Master's programs has increased by 17% since last year.

The Master's programs at SDU Esbjerg are popular. This year, 680 applicants have applied for a study place on one of the master's programs. As a result, the number of applications has increased by 17% since last year - and out of the 680 applications, 74% have chosen SDU Esbjerg as their first priority. The increased number of applicants thrills Head of Studies and Education Lars Ravn:


“I am very proud and excited about the candidate numbers for the master’s programs. We are constantly working to improve our educations, so we are happy to see a clear increase in the number of applicants.” 


Continued international interest

Among the applicants, there is a growing interest from international applicants, and it is especially students outside the EU who are more interested in SDU Esbjerg. The numbers show that 208 applicants outside the EU have applied for a master's degree as their first priority. This is an increase of 145% since last year.

However, the interest from international students is not new to SDU Esbjerg, which is an international campus, where half of the students on the campus are from abroad. Therefore, international applicants are important to maintain the international environment.

21st century education


The master’s programs with the highest increase of applicants is the MSc in Environmental and Resource Management, which have an increase of 57% of first-priority applicants and MSc in Marketing, Social Media and Digitalization, which has a 63% increase. Cultural Sociology also has an increase of 27%.

Lars Ravn justifies the growing interest in the master’s programs, since they are extremely up-to-date in relation to the topics that affect society right now.

“Our master's programs are extremely relevant for the time we are in. Our MSc in Environmental and Resource Management is super relevant to the environmental problems we are facing today. The same can be said about our MSc in Marketing, Social Media and Digitalization, where social media and digitalization have never before been more up-to-date than it is now,” he explains.

More applicants than study places

However, not all applicants will receive a study place on one of the popular master's programs. There are 35 study places on each of the master's programs, which means that more than half of the applicants receive a rejection. Despite the enthusiasm for the growing interest, Lars Ravn fears the admission process.

“I wish we could include more in our master’s programs here in Esbjerg since we have the applicants for it. We are, however, subject to a capacity limitation, which means that unfortunately we cannot accept as many as we really want to,” he says.

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