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Department of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics Develops New Course in Event Management

On October 1, 2019, a new course in event management is being held, which focuses on developing and strengthening one's competence within the event management discipline. The course is developed by professors from the Department of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics.

There are many different types of events ranging from large music festivals to smaller conferences. One thing is to arrange an event, but for it to be successful and memorable, it requires just the right competencies within e.g. planning, strategy and organizing.


SDU is now launching a new course for people who either work with events, or are interested in the field, who wants to strengthen their skills in event management. The course addresses the challenges in the event management discipline and gives an overview of the many different management areas. It is Professor Arne Feddersen, Professor MSO Oliver Schnittka and Associate Professor Chris Horbel from the Department of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics, who have developed the course.


High professional level


The new course starts on October 1, 2019 and consists of five individual theme days. Every day, an essential topic in the event management the discipline is covered. You can either choose to follow the program as a full five-day package or choose between the days and topics that best suit your profile and interests.


The course is research-based and gives the participants a strategic perspective on how to handle and execute the various challenges that an event manager is met with, whether it is larger or smaller events.



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The course starts October 1. and is being held at SDU in Kolding or Odense. The following topics will be covered in the course: Event Sponsorship Management, Attracting Event Visitors, Event Social Media Strategies, Event Project Management and Event Performance Management. The course is taught in English, but questions and group discussions can take place in Danish.


You can sign up here:

The deadline is August 15, 2019.




Professor Arne Feddersen, e-mail:, telephone: 65501597

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You can read more about the event-management course here

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You can sign up for the course here. The deadline is August 15, 2019.

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