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The employees of the department are listed below. All phone numbers must have +45 in front of them, if you are calling from abroad.

Head of Department

Lars P. Christensen            Professor /65507189


Permanent employees

Name                          Position                      Section Mail/Ph.   

Adam C. Simonsen            Associate Professor Physics Anette Bauer-Brandl           Professor                            Che/Pha Arne L. Larsen                    Associate Professor           Physics Astrid Eichhorn                   Professor            Physics Bala K. Prabhala                Academic Staff             Che/Pha Bo Larsen                           Attendant                            Common Camilla B. Bonde               Laboratory Technician    Che/Pha Carsten Uhd Nielsen          Professor                            Che/Pha Carsten Svaneborg            Associate Professor           Physics Changzhu Wu                    Associate Professor           Che/Pha Charlotte Damsgaard         Laboratory Technician     Che/Pha Chenguang Lou                  Assistant Professor           Che/Pha Christian B. Jørgensen      Laboratory Technician    Che/Pha Christine McKenzie            Professor                            Che/Pha
Danny Kyrping                    Engineering Assistant       Common Emma B. Simonsen Laboratory Technician     Che/Pha
Erik D. Hedegård Associate Professor           Che/Pha       
Francesca Serra                Associate Professor        Physics Frants R. Lauritsen             Professor                            Che/Pha Frederik W. Lund                Academic Staff                  Physics Gitte von Qualen                Laboratory Technician    Che/Pha Hans Jørgen Aa. Jensen   Professor                            Che/Pha Himanshu Khandelia          Associate Professor           Che/Pha Inger Rose Hansen            Programme Secretary       Common Jacob Kongsted                  Professor                            Che/Pha Jan O. Jeppesen                Professor                            Che/Pha Jasmin Mecinovic              Professor            Che/Pha John Hjort Ipsen Associate Professor Physics Judith Kuntsche                  Ass. Prof., Head of Educ. Che/Pha Kaare L. Rasmussen          Professor                            Che/Pha Lars B. Hansen                   Engineering Assistant        Common Lilian Skytte                       Outreach Coordinator      Common Lone C. Nielsen                  Finance Officer                  Common Lone O. Storm                    Laboratory Technician    Che/Pha Louise Johansson              Laboratory Technician    Che/Pha Louise Kindt                        Outreach Coordinator    Common Mads T. Frandsen              Professor           Physics
Manuel Meyer Associate Professor Physics
Maria Pedersen                  Laboratory Technician    Che/Pha Martin S. Sloth                    Professor                            Physics Martin Brandl                      Professor                            Che/Pha Mette Søndergaard            Head of Secretariat            Common Michael A. Lomholt             Ass. Prof., Head of Educ.  Physics
Michael Petersen               Ass. Prof., Head of Educ. Che/Pha
Mogens T. Jensen              Academic Staff                  Che/Pha Nadia S. Andersen             Lecturer                              Che/Pha Paul C. Stein                      Associate Professor           Che/Pha Pia E. Holm                        Laboratory Assistant         Che/Pha Pia K. Hausmann               Laboratory Technician    Che/Pha Poul Nielsen                       Professor, Vice-Dean         Che/Pha René Holm                         Professor                            Che/Pha Roman Gold                       Associate Professor            Physics Sanne L. Hedemann          Purchaser                           Common Stefan Vogel                       Associate Professor           Che/Pha Steffen Bähring                  Associate Professor           Che/Pha Thomas A. Ryttov              Associate Professor           Physics Tina Christiansen               Laboratory Technician    Che/Pha Tina G. Hansen                  Laboratory Technician   Che/Pha Tina H. Pedersen               Educational Secretary     Common Torben Sørensen               Engineering Assistant      Common


Postdoc or Research Assistant

Name                          Position    Section     Mail/ph.

Ali A. H. Zanjani                  Postdoc         Che/Pha
Alaa Salah Salem              Postdoc         Che/Pha
Ann-Christin Jacobsen       Postdoc         Che/Pha
Atraya Acharyya Postdoc Physics
Emilie Fynbo Petersen Research Assistant Che/Pha
Erik Kjellgren Postdoc Che/Pha
Erna Wieduwilt                   Postdoc         Che/Pha
Ernst Dennis Larsson Postdoc Che/Pha
Gustavo P. de Brito            Postdoc         Physics
Hridya V. Madapally           Postdoc         Che/Pha
Jingping Ouyang Postdoc Che/Pha
Juan S. Cruz                      Postdoc         Physics
Konark Bisht                       Postdoc         Che/Pha
Mads Juul Ahlebæk           Research Assistant Physics
Mads Hansen Project Assistant Che/Pha
Mads Sondrup Møller                Research Assistant    Che/Pha     
Mathias S. Neumann         Postdoc         Che/Pha
Mathias L. Skavenborg Research Assistant Che/Pha
Mikkel T. Kristensen Research Assistant Physics
Pedro G.S. Fernandes Postdoc Physics
Peter Reinholdt                   Postdoc         Che/Pha
Prasoon Awasthi Postdoc Physics
Raúl Carballo-Rubio Postdoc Physics
Sandra M. P. Martin  Postdoc  Che/Pha
Soumitra Dinda Postdoc Che/Pha
Tobias C. Hinse Research Assistant Physics
Tobias W.J. Jarrett Research Assistant Physics
Vinay Mishra                      Postdoc         Physics


Adjunct or otherwise associated

Name                          Position                     Section     Mail/Ph.

Bente Steffansen Adjunct Professor Che/Pha
Bertil Dorch Associate Professor  Physics
Klaus Andresen Teaching Assistant Physics
Lisbet Kværnø Adjunct Associate Prof. Che/Pha
Mette L. A. Kristensen Academic staff Physics
Vasanthanathan Poongavanam   Adjunct Ass. Professor     Che/Pha Vickie McKee                     Adjunct Professor               Che/Pha



Name                     Position        Section     Mail/Ph.    

Beate M. Klösgen Emeritus Physics
Jens Oddershede           Emeritus               Che/Pha Erik B. Pedersen            Emeritus                Che/Pha
Peter Sigmund Emeritus Physics
Steen Rasmussen Emeritus Physics
Sven M. Tougaard          Emeritus                Physics


PhD students

Name                               Position        Section     Mail

Alexander Oestreicher phD stud. Physics
Amanda F. Smith               PhD stud.    Che/Pha   
Aniruddh Murali                  PhD stud.    Physics    
Annamalei P. Shanmugaraj  PhD stud.      Physics    
Arthur Ferreira Vieira PhD stud. Physics
Christoffer V. Heidtmann   PhD stud.    Che/Pha    
Clarice Sombra de Medeiros PhD stud. Che/Pha
Duccio Du Prima PhD stud.  Che/Pha
Ellen J. Pørtner                  PhD stud.      Physics    
Felix Paulus                        PhD stud.      Che/Pha   
Florentin Holzem                PhD stud.    Che/Pha    
Frederik K. Jørgensen       PhD stud.   Che/Pha    
Héloïse Delaporte               PhD stud.    Physics    
Jiaheng Zhang                    PhD stud.    Che/Pha   
Jian Ning                            PhD stud.      Che/Pha    
Jonas B. Eriksen                PhD stud.     Che/Pha    
Kamilla T. Bünning              PhD stud.      Che/Pha    
Krista Urup PhD stud. Che/Pha
Laust Moesgaard               PhD stud.     Che/Pha    
Lucas U. José                    PhD stud.      Che/Pha    
Lufang Ning                        PhD stud.     Che/Pha    
Luise Jacobsen                  PhD stud.      Che/Pha    
Lulu Chen                           PhD stud.    Che/Pha    
Marlisa Hagemann             PhD stud.    Che/Pha    
Matteo Guidetti                   PhD stud.    Che/Pha    
Matthias E. Thing               PhD stud.    Che/Pha    
Mickey S. Pedersen           PhD stud.    Che/Pha    
Mohsin A. Raza                  PhD stud.    Che/Pha   
Nadina Zulbeari PhD stud. Che/Pha
Nazmie Kalisi                      PhD stud.    Che/Pha    
Nurgül Bilgin                       PhD stud.    Che/Pha    
Rafael R. L. dos Santos     PhD stud.    Physics    
Sebastian Jakobsen           PhD stud.    Che/Pha    
Shan Wang                         PhD stud.    Che/Pha    
Shixi Song                          PhD stud.    Che/Pha    
Sofie K. Jensen                  PhD stud.    Che/Pha   
Suleman F. Chaudhri         PhD stud.    Che/Pha    
Vildan A. Türkmen             PhD stud.    Che/Pha  
Zahra Ghaemmaghamian PhD stud.    Che/Pha    

Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy University of Southern Denmark

  • Campusvej 55
  • Odense M - DK-5230
  • Phone: +45 6550 3520

Last Updated 29.09.2023